modular man

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some of the things we use today tend to become modular as rate of change unendingly bumping our existence. the spread of disposability through the society also implies decrease durations in human-to-thing relationship. instead of being linked with a single object over a relatively long span of time, we are linked for brief periods with the succession of objects that supplant it. human relationship with things are becoming increasingly temporary. what about human-to-human relationship? rather than involving ourselves with the whole man, we simply plug into a module of his personality. in some case our relatioship is safely limited especially in an urban society. in an urban environment the attempt to completely involve one-self fully with everyone can lead to his or her self destruction, that is why in some aspects we don’t simple mingle with our new neighbor. by continuously practicing this kind of interaction we are now applying the modular principle to human relationship. from this we are now creating a disposable person- the modular man?

(from Alvin Tofler's Future Shock)