excellence #3/7:

excellent control

Excellent control means we have the control of choosing our own life. Excellent control also means not believing in horoscope, superstitious believes and feng-shui.

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We have to remember this, that we manufacture our own luck. Sabi nga ni Lucio Tan, "Opportunity is always there, you must only find them." Tho' meron ngang oppurtunity pero hindi ka naman prepared for that oppurtunity, not good enough din di ba? Luck is also defined this way, “It is the meeting place between preparation and opportunity. Believing some fortune teller expert is too disastrous. For example, there’s an expert who told you that you’re not capable of going or traveling abroad in your entire life or he said you're not be able to achieve whatever you want to pursue in life. If you believe in him, Who is in control, you or that expert? Have you noticed this that we are so religious country but we are so superstitious country, aren’t we?

Excellent control also means, there’s no shortcut in life. Everything needs a serious matter of hard work. The problem with superstitious people is this, when something doesn’t work. He has always something to blame. He fails to learn the lesson. But with the person with excellent control, when something doesn’t work, at least he has the guts to say. “Where did I go wrong, why did I went wrong? …Ah here!” So that next time he won’t repeat the same mistake.

It’s not LUCK, it’s HARDWORK. Remember this: “Everyone starts from scratch, but not everyone keep on scratching, those who continue scratching, they will become luckier that way.”

Never forget, It’s bad luck to be superstitious!

Thanks to Francis Kong

excellence #2/7:

excellent worth

Excellent worth is understanding your value as an individual. You have worth. It is telling to yourselt that "I am special because I am not an accident of birth. We have to understand that we are destined to fulfill our purpose and calling in life. Any person who is happy in life that is the time he discover his calling. You know what that calling is? That calling is always associated with the persons need to serve another person’s need.

We have to simply understood that, “I am worth a lot because I am unique!” Haven’t you noticed this, you and I, we are created by a Mighty wonderful Designer. You can get two petals on the same rose and put it under the powerful lenses of the microscope. You will never find two identical petals. You can pick two leaves on the same tree, you will never find two identical leaves. Similarly, you can go throughout the world, you will never find, another one exactly like you. You know why? Because God is merciful, just to have one of you is more than enough. Even if you found him you won’t like him too. =)

You’re unique! But you don’t have to be someone whom your not. We have to exercise our own unique identity. God loves us. That’s why He created us in the first place. Bank rubbers, kidnappers, they don’t have self worth.

By the way, one thing that we should learned in life is this, that we cannot please everyone, I mean not everyone will agree with me. Some people easily become angry. We can’t change them, but I’m sure I can change my response to them. Maybe if I become nicer to them, they will become nicer too. That’s excellent worth is all about.

Thanks to Francis Kong

excellence #1/7:

excellent awareness

Excellent awareness means the excellent people, the successful person wakes up in the morning and he realize the world is a beautiful place and he understand that one life time is too short for joy and everything. The world is not own as a living. Success belongs to the people who will work hard.

Excellent awareness is this person whose philosophy in life we should follow, in fact she said this words, “When I wake up in the morning I tell myself, the future looks so bright, I going to put on shades!” The person who said this didn’t mind when she was a child she was molested, when she was nine, she was raped by her cousin. She’s black! But now she is the highest paid television personality today and her name is Oprah Winfrey. Present condition is not the main issue, it always depends on our perspective in life.

An excellent person is very aware that he is created in the image and lightness of God. We are not an accident of birth. We have a purpose. There’s a calling for us to fulfill.

Excerpts from Francis Kong

sun and law

Story telling muna tayo. This is a story from Francis again. I found this nice kaya naiisipan ko sya i-post. Actually, i just jot down the words (word for word) from a video, pinagtyagaan ko yan i-type para mashare dito. Medyo may konteng changes lang ako ginawa kasi 'yong ibang part medyo destorted. But it doesn't matter, the important is the moral lesson. Right? You may start. Enjoy reading.

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Summary: The Bible does say that Lord is a good provider but the same Bible also says, “He who does not work, should not eat”.

be proud pinoy

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I just want to recommend this book, Think Rich, Pinoy! by Larry Gamboa. This book will open your mind to the reality of why most of Pilipinos are becoming poor and why rich becoming rich. If you already read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" of Robert Kiyosaki, you will easilly relate to what Larry wants to share.

It's actually a version of RK's RDPD which is intended for Philippine setting.

dizzy miss lazy

see the glass as half full
understand that as you try to fill it,
the glass will get bigger.
endeavor to make harmony from disharmony.

look to those before you;
encourage those behind you.
own nothing,
illuminate everything.

this is my silence from within.
the little fish told me so.

overtime rule

The Law On Overtime Pay
By Riva Khristine Maala

An employee may not work for more than eight hours without receiving additional compensation for the extra hours worked.

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The law requires an employee to work no more than eight hours a day to protect his health and to minimize unemployment by forcing employers to use shifting when they require more work hours to run their businesses efficiently. Nonetheless, an employee may work more than eight hours a day provided he is paid his regular wage plus at least 25 percent of it for overtime work. The reason for the extra compensation is that the employee is made to work longer than the fixed or voluntarily hours provided by law, he exerts more effort, goes home later than usual, may miss certain pre-arranged engagements, and may have little time to relax before the next working day. In computing for overtime pay using the employee’s regular wage as a basis, the regular wage should include only the employee’s cash wage and exclude his cost-of-living allowance, sick leave, bonuses and other benefits. If the employee’s overtime work falls between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., he may claim night differential pay of not less than 10 percent of his regular wage for each hour of work performed. If he works on a holiday or on his rest day, he gets paid 100 percent of his regular rate plus another hundred percent as holiday pay. And if he works beyond eight hours on a holiday or on his rest day, he gets 200 percent pay plus a 30 percent premium or 30 percent of his regular wage for that day. If he works on a Sunday, he gets a 30 percent premium only if that day happens to be his rest day.

The right to overtime pay cannot be waived. Any stipulation in a contract stating that an employee must work beyond eight hours without being compensated for it is illegal. Finally, under-time work on any particular day cannot be offset by overtime work on any other day—otherwise the employee would be deprived of his overtime premium. The under-time hours represent only the employee’s hourly rate of pay, while the overtime hours reflect both his rate of pay per hour and his overtime premium. Obviously, they are not of equal value.

'Under-time work on any particular day cannot be offset by overtime work on any other day—otherwise the employee would be deprived of his overtime premium.'

This article appears in the May 2005 issue of Entrepreneur Philippines.

teacher's word

Just sharing a story from one of my passive mentor Francis Kong. Please read, it's worth reading.

A Teacher's Word

“PLEASE COME UP TO MY DESK, NANCY,” my geography teacher requested.

“Why is she calling me?” I wondered. I didn’t even know that she knew my name. As far as I could remember, she had never spoken to me. I was a very shy and quiet student. I succeeded to make average grades, even though I didn’t study. I wasn’t one of her best students, or one of her worst. I was simply an “average” student. Unfortunately, average kids don’t usually get noticed. I have found that teachers tend to pamper smart kids and help the slow kids, when they are not trying to discipline the bad kids. Average kids, somehow, get lost in the shuffle.

I arose from my seat and tiptoed, hesitantly toward her desk. Around me, my friends were whispering and snickering. I began to tremble. “What did I do?” I asked myself, as I stood at her desk. She looked up to me and placed her pen on her desk. She began to shuffle through some papers.

“Did you call me?” I whispered. I was hoping I had misunderstood. “I certainly did young lady,” she answered, as she pulled several pieces of paper from the bottom of the rustled stack. “Is this your test, Nancy?” “Yes,” I replied.

It was an essay test, which consisted of three difficult questions. I had answered each of the questions to the best ability, even though I didn’t have a clue as to what the correct answers were.

“Did you study Nancy?” she quizzed. “No, I didn’t,” I confessed, expecting her to tear my test in half. “I didn’t think so,” she declared, as she placed an A on my paper. “An A?” I inquired. “Yes,” she said. “Why do you look so surprised? You have a way for words like I never seen before. You earned it but please study next time.” As I started to walk away she called my name again when I turned around, she was smiling. “You’re going to be a great writer someday,” she said. “I believe in you.” I was elated. I had my very first ‘A’ in that class. But better than that, I knew that my teacher believed in me, even though I didn’t even believe in myself. From that day on I studied diligently and brought my grades up. “If my teacher believed in me, I couldn’t let her down,” I decided.

That day was a turning point in my life. I never forgot her words. I began my writing career thirty years later and have now been published in numerous books and periodicals. Encouragement goes a long way in the life of success. “You’re going to be a great writer someday,” she said. “I believe in you.” What a difference those few words made in my life!

This story is written by NANCY B. GIBBS who turned out to be a very prolific writer.

It was my first week in college when a science professor told me to stay after class. I hated the idea of having to stay after class now that I’m in college because I had been a regular after-class stayee all of my high school life. After all the students have left the professor showed me the very first quiz I had taken at the start of my college life. I had a perfect score. And then she said, “Mr. Kong, I can see now that you will become a scholar in this school.” For the first time in my life somebody believed in me. I decided to take up on her challenge. Four years later, I graduated top in my school. And I am here today because a professor gave me a break and believed in me.

Perhaps this is the reason why I have spent more time and money, giving lectures and seminars to educators all over the country. Challenging them to believe in their students and to help them build a life. Teaching is a most noble profession and once we begin to see potential in our students something happens, they become great. The greatest Teacher who ever walked this planet sees us for our potential, and If we put our faith in Him, learn from Him then truly we shall accomplish much. For none can ever match the greatness of the Greatest Teacher Jesus Christ Himself.

Question is, are we learning?

different world

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take control of your mind coz we're living in different world.
it's just a matter of time to be living in different world.
over and under again.

blue jeans

Hindi ako makasama sa climb kaya sound trip na lang muna sa bahay. (tsk! tsk! nakakasira talaga ng mountaineering ang pag-aaral) So far ito palang mga collection ko. hulaan nyo kung ano pa lang nakokompleto kong album. sa iba madami pang kulang. karamihan pa dito on cassette tape format kasi walang pambili ng CDs noon, hahah!
  • First Audio Tape (galing pa sa allowance ko): Eraserheads "Circus", 1994
  • First Audio CD naman: Eraserheads "Fruitcake", 1996
  • Last Audio Tape: Sandwich's "Grip Stand Throw", 2000
  • Latest Audio CD: Rivermaya "Between The Stars & Waves" Special Edition, Jan 2005

eon's on the hill

mt. makiling, october 3, 2004.

"we just keep the draculas away and follow the trail."

pulag pulag

this was taken last june 04 pa. i miss hiking kaya naisipan ko i-post...

a view from the trek. 2,922 meters ASL. seeing the view from the top is actually a memorable experience...

thanks to these guys!

still in uterus

I got this from an email. It sounds funny but I find it quite interesting...

  • At age 4 success is . . . not peeing in your pants.
  • At age 12 success is . . . having friends.
  • At age 16 success is . . . having a drivers license.
  • At age 35 success is . . . having money.
  • At age 50 success is . . . having money.
  • At age 70 success is . . . having a drivers license.
  • At age 75 success is . . . having friends.
  • At age 80 success is . . . not peeing in your pants.

Now, where do you think you belong? Did you able to gain personal growth from a relationship? Do you have enough money to provide your needs and wants?

like dreamers do

There are many good books about financial matters, but this is really good. I would like to share you this book that I read from Francisco J. Colayco entitled "Wealth Within Your Reach, Pera Mo Palaguin Mo!". I really appreciate the book, the way he write and his concepts about financial freedom. His idea is very easy to understand not only because of its taglish content but on the way he emphasizes his concept which he called Kalayaan sa Kakapusan (KsK). The book is really applicable to all. Thanks to the author. I will rather say he really have the K (Karapatan) to discuss and share his idea.

Here are some excerpts from the book on how to prepare for financial planning:

  1. Know where you are. There are certain stages of financial readiness: Start-up, Buildup, Asset Allocation, and Retirement Stage. You are in the Start-up Stage if your only source of income is your salary or sideline earnings. Buildup is when you have income from your savings and investments, which contribute at least 20 percent of your total income. You are in the Asset Allocation stage when 30 to 60 percent of your income is provided by your savings and investments. Retirement comes when the income from your savings and investments is your only source to support your living expenses.
  2. Match your financial goals to the financial stage where you are in. Chart your goals in realistic terms. As most people are still in the Start-up Stage, as Colayco has observed, the first objective is to find how you can graduate to the Buildup level.
  3. Do not spend your active income for wants. Active income comes directly from your own hard work, skill, talent and time. Passive income is generated by your earning assets and investments. "Active income must be used for necessary living expenses and funding your investments," Colayco said. "If you need a car, buy a simple one first. When you earn money from your passive income, that's the time you can think of buying a luxury car."
  4. Create your own balance sheet. This would give you an understanding of your net worth, and give you a clear picture of what your net worth should be at each financial stage. In due time, especially when you retire, your passive income should be enough to pay for your living expenses.
  5. Do not equate wealth to having lots and lots of money. Your goal is to become wealthy, yes, but wealthy in the sense that your present financial resources can support your lifestyle over a long period of time, even if you do not work to generate income.
  6. Don't be afraid to take risks. But if you're taking one, remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. The best option, especially when you're investing, is to spread the risks.

save the world from cavity

to my bebe, congratulations! i know you deserve it. after years of sacrifice and hardwork, finally your dream came true. just be thankful ofcourse to Him and to your mom and dad. i am happy for you and i'm really proud of you. i always look forward to another success in your life.

Congratulations Dr Rosemalyn Caig! naks!