excellence #4/7:

excellent motivation

Do you know what excellent motivation is all about? “It means letting your mind, and your heart dwell on the right thing”. There’s a shortcut word on it that is called INTEGRITY.

Sometimes integrity is only good to your ears, but it’s very hard to apply in real life. Well, if that's your philosophy I give you an advice, try to consult your bestfriend Merriam, whose last name is Webster and look up that word INTEGRITY and you will be surprise to find out what that word simply means, “a mathematical term that connotes wholeness” That is you’re the integral part of the whole. It means “NO CRACKs” It means our walk matches our talked, our life matches our lips. It also means “When I say I’ll do, I’ll do what I say. What I say I mean, I mean what I say”.

We are the only country that connotes to be, the only Christian country in the part of Asia that according to the United Nation survey, we are no. 2 in corruption. Maybe that would explain the reason why this country is still suffering from poverty right now. Maybe we are lack of the word intergrity.

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The greatest motivation that we can have is whenever we find our people trusting on us. It’s not just thinking of the salary or the money. I always believe that money will depreciates over time or will devaluate its value but character will appreciate over time. You’re reputation, your credibility and your name must be protected above the money. One thing about integrity is that you cannot mandate is, you can only motivate.

Any business along the way will fail but with excellent motivation you will never fail to have an absence of integrity. Perhaps integrity will always starts with the children. Children will not believe 100% you will say, but they certainly believe 100% they see. They do. Some people say “You can fool a fool, but you cannot kid a kid” That’s integrity is all about.

(Inspired by Mr. Francis Kong)


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