work life balance

in ecomony, there's a price equilibrium if the price at which supply equals demand. in life, there's a stress if the work and personal life doesn't have its balance. in one of the seminars i attended called myt (managing your time) conducted by no other than anthony pangilinan of businessworks. one lesson and the topic which got the notion of my interest was understanding of the word stress. ...that stress is equivalent portion you got from the great demand (pressure) over your positive abilities (performance). i get the picture below in this site showing normal human function curve.


stress can have serious effects on our health too like what happened to mine. i suffered from bell's palsy some years ago probably out of stress. from then i realized that i should not be decreasing the pressure of demand but rather increasing the positive level of my abilities so i can cope with all things that may come to me positive abilities must be always higher than the pressure of demand in order to increase my level of performance (maintaining eustress level). it really depends on how you look at things. stress issues has a serious effect on our well being too and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. this one below is from HRSDC.


stress... it's a common conversation. if we haven't noticed it, maybe its lack of awareness. it's time for us to trigger that kind of awareness. don't let any episodes of anxiety drown out our most agreeable perspective in life. so keep praying and growing that someday we'll be much better than the first time we came in. spend quality time with our loveones and a time for ourselves. learn to unwind and relax...and came back fresh.


Nino Natividad said...

This is very informative. Thanks for the post! I've learned a lot form it.

Nino Natividad

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