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I just want to recommend this book, Think Rich, Pinoy! by Larry Gamboa. This book will open your mind to the reality of why most of Pilipinos are becoming poor and why rich becoming rich. If you already read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" of Robert Kiyosaki, you will easilly relate to what Larry wants to share.

It's actually a version of RK's RDPD which is intended for Philippine setting.


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smallroom said...

thanks for the visit. i'll visit yours too. thanks.

"J" said...

I saw that book sa powerbooks, totoo kaya yan?

smallroom said...

hi jaz, ok yong book, but it's more on real estate.

cruise said...

yan pala secret mo sa pag asenso

wangzhou said...

I have a book on hand and im thinking and starting to call the banks for foreclosed property, if anyone of you who are excited to mentor me on investing in foreclosed property, youre really welcome

jomar said...

Hi! Have you heard of Larry Gamboa's Think Rich Pinoy Seminar? You're invited to attend on May 19,2007 - in Makati.
If you're out of the country, then - hope you can blog about it! :)

Visit for details.

P.S. Bo Sanchez will make a special surprise appearance there! So see you.

davelouie said...

Great Post, Gusto ko yan, saan ba pwede bili yan. Yan pala secreto mo ha.

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