excellence #2/7:

excellent worth

Excellent worth is understanding your value as an individual. You have worth. It is telling to yourselt that "I am special because I am not an accident of birth. We have to understand that we are destined to fulfill our purpose and calling in life. Any person who is happy in life that is the time he discover his calling. You know what that calling is? That calling is always associated with the persons need to serve another person’s need.

We have to simply understood that, “I am worth a lot because I am unique!” Haven’t you noticed this, you and I, we are created by a Mighty wonderful Designer. You can get two petals on the same rose and put it under the powerful lenses of the microscope. You will never find two identical petals. You can pick two leaves on the same tree, you will never find two identical leaves. Similarly, you can go throughout the world, you will never find, another one exactly like you. You know why? Because God is merciful, just to have one of you is more than enough. Even if you found him you won’t like him too. =)

You’re unique! But you don’t have to be someone whom your not. We have to exercise our own unique identity. God loves us. That’s why He created us in the first place. Bank rubbers, kidnappers, they don’t have self worth.

By the way, one thing that we should learned in life is this, that we cannot please everyone, I mean not everyone will agree with me. Some people easily become angry. We can’t change them, but I’m sure I can change my response to them. Maybe if I become nicer to them, they will become nicer too. That’s excellent worth is all about.

Thanks to Francis Kong


tHeYiE said...

sipag mag-update ah! naks naman!

smallroom said...

medyo lang po. heheh! thank you 'te theyie. =)

gaLaxy said...

"treat evryone w/ kindness, even those who are rude to you;
not bcoz they were not nice,
but bcoz YOU r nice!"

stick 2 d GOLDEN RULE:
"don't do to others what u don't want others do unto you!"