excellence #1/7:

excellent awareness

Excellent awareness means the excellent people, the successful person wakes up in the morning and he realize the world is a beautiful place and he understand that one life time is too short for joy and everything. The world is not own as a living. Success belongs to the people who will work hard.

Excellent awareness is this person whose philosophy in life we should follow, in fact she said this words, “When I wake up in the morning I tell myself, the future looks so bright, I going to put on shades!” The person who said this didn’t mind when she was a child she was molested, when she was nine, she was raped by her cousin. She’s black! But now she is the highest paid television personality today and her name is Oprah Winfrey. Present condition is not the main issue, it always depends on our perspective in life.

An excellent person is very aware that he is created in the image and lightness of God. We are not an accident of birth. We have a purpose. There’s a calling for us to fulfill.

Excerpts from Francis Kong


chum said...

what a nice article...nakakainspire....ingat

smallroom said...

thank you chum. musta na UP? sama ka din ba sa mga rally? =)

Anonymous said...

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