Ten Eighty One

"a poignant wish for a tranquil life will find no sanctuary in today's world, we live in an era of swift, violent and often distructive change and rather than lament this vainly we must decide if we should be the master or victim of change".

i can't remember if it was the exact quote and i still can't find it even on the net (help po). what i just remember is that it is from him, the great president of the republic (for me). if my memory serves me well, i read it during my first year high, from a barrowed book of my dad i think. please correct me if i'm wrong. corrections is gladly welcome. there is also a classic words that says "the only thing that's permanent in this world is.... change". yes we knew that. but the thing that we do not understand is the impact of change that is affecting you and me TODAY.

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