Constant 86400

"if you're given P86,400 pesos everyday and were asked to return whatever you haven't spend in a day, how much will you spend and return?"

an opening remarks asked by the chief disturber himself mr. anthony pangilinan, who practically disturbed us last tuesday and wednesday. in fact i was one of the privileged to attend in his seminar entitled managing your time, sponsored by the company. he discussed some principles about life management... before the training i thought it was plainly time management, but then all topics he delivered was really life changing and all about life management seminar. i believe in seth godin's words when he says Ideas that spread, Win. true, isn't it? now, let me share it with you. here they are from the master disturber...
  1. know yourself. maximize, don't apologize. be true to your design.
  2. know what you want. the power of vision. if you don't know what you want, you will be used by others who know what they want.
  3. be aware of what is going around you. the more we complain the less we produce. wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong prescription, the wrong prescription leads to the wrong treatment, the wrong treatment leads to the early expiration of the patient.
  4. adopt a personal system of time and stress management. wrote things done. play a puzzle game. try reengineering.
  5. anticipate change in life. be a chaord. navigate, don't just "go with the flow"
  6. draw from within. be a person of enthusiasm (En Theos). it's not doing without, it's doing within when your without.

i thank analog for the generosity of allowing me to attend in this kind of seminar. i am not perfect, and i think nobody does. i have my own problems too, financial, relational, professional and personal. whatever it is, i know time will come to me and i will overcome all of those, with help from this kind of principles and ....prayers. i want to spend more quality with my family too. quality time is really essential. Isn't it? particularly when you spend it with your love ones, quality time for our family is giving our time for what they want to do. no agenda... plainly, just what they want to do.

"how about you, how much will you spend?"

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