Look Inside

Just sharing you a poem from one of my passive mentor, his name is Denis Waitley, he is one of the most respected motivational speaker in the United States. I say passive mentor because for me there are two types of mentors. Passive and Active mentor.

Look Inside
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When I say passive mentors, they are the one who motivate me, I knew them but certainly they don't know me or they really don't know anything about me. They mentored me by reading their books and by listening to their inspirational and motivational audiobooks. The second one is active mentors, unlike the passive mentor, they knew something or anything about. We talked to each other and they personally mentor me in some areas of my life.

Here's the poem. I hope you also learn something about this. The title of the poem is "Look Inside":

by Denis Waitley

When the prize seems high above you
And your mirror doesn't love you
Look inside
When the road to gold gets steeper
And your diamond's buried deeper
Look inside
Light a candle in your mind
Untold riches you will find
When you look for treasures
Look inside
When you're running low on laughter
And can't reach the goals you're after
Look inside
When your body starts complaining
And the clouds of doubt keep raining
Look inside
Close your eyes and then believe it
Trust yourself and you'll achieve it
When you're seeking answers
Look inside


Dorothy L said...

Love it.....truly passionate and inner strengthening.
That is an empowering poem ..that is fact.
I can see why it reached inside of you.
Thank you for sharing!

Liz said...

I love this poem. Hmmm. Sounds like 'Don't Quit!' ... ^_^